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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Colors for a Cloudy Day

It's not cloudy today.  In fact, it's rarely cloudy around here. But the sweater is named such.
Speaking of names.  This morning I woke up from a dream that I was naming a sweater.  In my dream I felt it sounded really cool but when I woke up, I was like what was I thinking?  The name was "The Fabulous Story of Dandruff".   No, serious, why would such a name come to my dream? Perhaps if I was making a black hat with white as contrast color for pattern....

Anyway, the sweater was knitted top down in round with raglan sleeves. I used short rows to create the curved hem.  After picking up stitches from the WS of hem, I used short rows for the top part of fair isle.

I really wanted a layered look with the fair isle without just straight hem, a little peek through effect of the layering.  The result, I love it.  It's easy wearing with a little kick. It's totally my style.

Yarn was Ornaghi Fillati Super Sport.  It's a rather woolly and sturdy yarn.  I bought a bunch of it from Elann last year.  When I first got the yarn, I was a bit dismayed that it wasn't merino-soft, but I grew to like it more and more.

This sweater was a fun knit.  I love doing color-work but find myself lacking the patience nowadays for an entire sweater of in color-work.  This turned out to be a perfect combo. Just enough to make it fun and a little break from the endless stockinette stitch.

I re-knitted the sleeves coupla times.  I had something more "designey" stuff at first, but it just didn't go with the more laid-back look I was going for.  So, plain sleeves was the final decision.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Plum Rain

It has been a month since I showed a single finished project.  Now I have 2 sweaters to show.
They were from the same pattern I wrote up.

I'd been showing the first one with photos in progress.  Originally I had the color of beige or sand in mind. Somehow when I looked into my stash, I grabbed the bright, Grasshopper of Madelinetosh Tosh Sport. I knew 3 skeins would not be enough to finish the sweater, but that didn't stop me.

I had 2 choices, buy more and pray the new one would miraculously match these skeins that sat in my possession for 4 years.  Or, I could just add another color to it.

I added Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in dusty pink to complete the body.  The result?  kinda funky but kinda awesome. If I'd seriously planned out my color choices, these two might not be the logical combo. And I love good surprises.

Paul said the dusty pink color was close to skin tone that I looked like wearing a cropped top.  O...K.....  But the body length is actually shorter than my usual designs at 13" from underarm.

I'd mentioned before, I'm not used to hand dyed yarn for sweaters.  So the striation in Tosh Sport seemed a bit much for what I had in mind.  So I decided to knit another in solid color with slightly longer body as well.

There must be something about careful planning and selecting colors that just doesn't jive with me. I picked pale baby pink! I hate wearing baby pink!  Dusty pink is fine, but not baby pink. The yarn was Needful Cara. It's a rather nice yarn, just a terrible color on me, no wonder it sat there in the drawers for 6 years.  And here I was, knitting a whole sweater with the color that would be ghastly on me. My reasoning was I could over dye it.  There was also something crazy going on, I was actually curios about how bad would this baby pink look since I couldn't even remember the last time I wore it.

Yes, it was bad. I simply hated it. It looked like pajamas. Nothing against pajamas, I always lounged around in PJs as soon as I get home. In fact, I have a set of pink old PJs, But it's not for a sweater going outside of the house. So I continued on with over-dyeing. It was a mixture of all Bs, Brown, Black, Blue and Burgundy. It came out not super even, but I absolutely loved it!  It looked like faded, distressed tee shirt. Totally my color!

The style was boat neck, raglan sleeves pullover, with twisted stitches along the sleeves and cable/lace motif that I made up at the cuffs, gentle short rows along the hem to make it slightly longer on the back.

Did I mention how much I love the over-dyed color?

Friday, September 19, 2014


Yesterday, I sent Paul to pick up my package at the post office when he was heading that way.

He came home with the cone of yarn I ordered from Catnip Yarns.

Paul told me the conversation he had with the guy at the post office. It went like something this:

Guy, looking at the package: Hmmm.. from Catnip Yarn.
Paul: Yeah, she knits.
Guy: I sure wouldn't want a sweater made of catnip.  I'd have cats all over me.
Paul: Neither would I.  But with all the cats, it may be really warm.

That's what you get when 2 men who don't knit talk about yarn.  

This morning I woke up from a dream of many cats, many catnip, and many sweaters.  So I just had to draw the guy wearing a catnip sweater.