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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Donations Update 2

Thank you all for helping out with donations.
Here is the latest, So far, The pattern sales from "Lets Go for a Walk/Stroll" raised total $410.  
The second round of donations were sent out today.

$100 to WARF (Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation) in Incline Village, Nevada - It's a small group of volunteers that dedicated to rescuing companion animals.  They rescue animals that are in imminent danger of euthanasia, usually directly from the euthanasia holding rooms of local shelters.  

$100 to Dog Town Canine Rescue based in Carson City, Nevada.  It's a non-profit organization focused on rescue dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans.  

$50 to Nevada Humane Society in Reno, Nevada.

Add today's $250 donation to the first round of donation of $150, there is still $10 balance to be donated. Let's hope by the end of month, we'll have more to add to that.  

I couldn't have done it without knitters support.  And I know many of you may not have purchased the patterns but you chose to help with my donation effort. I want you to know that I truly appreciate all of your help. Thank you!


As to what I'm up to since winter break began, I've started sewing a jacket.
First I drafted the pattern.  Then I sew up the jacket using a very inexpensive wool fabric I got from Hancock Fabric last year on my way back from San Francisco after Christmas.  It was in the bargain bin and super cheap. So I decided to use it as my muslin, and if the prototype worked out well then it's wearable.  The biggest problem I had was the collars. They didn't sit right  After many alterations on the collars still looked a bit funky, but that's OK, it's a like-able funky, or so I tell myself.  I used micro-fleece as lining, the way I always dreamed of a coat/jacket.  I'm working on a second one, I want to add facings to the lapels  and hem, but not sure if I want to do the extra work. We shall see. 

Taking a short break on knitting, because I miss sewing.  It's something I feel like my sewing skills simply slip whenever I stop sewing for a while, so in a way I'm just trying to keep my skill tuned. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let's Go for Another Walk

I made another "Let's Go for a Walk", this time using Naturally Harmony 10 ply.  I totally LOVE this yarn, singly ply but sturdy, woolly but not scratchy.

I finally was able to take some photos of it when I wore it for my walk this morning in the woods.

It snowed last night.  The past "monster storm" had predicted 1 to 2 feet of snow, and we got 0 inches at the lake level here by the time the storm was over yesterday afternoon.  There was more snow on mountain tops, but still, a lot less than what was expected.  We saw the satellite map and the storm front seemed to stall over the mountains west of us.  It just couldn't get over the the crest to come to Tahoe Basin, I remember hearing comment saying it was partly due to the gusty wind. But last night, surprisingly after the storm was officially over, we got about 1/2 of an inch of snow, I guess it was better than nothing after all.

We went for a walk this morning through the meadow and creek next to our house.  Today is Paul's birthday, so he was happy to start the day with a walk in the snow.  And I got a chance to take photos when I was actually going for a walk.

And I'm very happy to report that so far this month, I've raised total $352 for animal shelters, that's $200 left after the last donations.  I'll make the next donations probably next week.  So happy many knitters are helping me with this donation drive. Thank you.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where is Winter?

It snowed last week.  It was enough for my car to slide a bit driving over summit. It even snowed all the way down to the valley.  But today is gorgeous.

Jake's Peak above us

Emerald Bay below us
Heavenly Ski Resort across the lake

Paul and I went for a short hike. Instead of hiking up behind our house on the east side of the lake like we always do, we decided to drive to west shore and hike around Desolation. It felt like a trip, though only 20 minutes drive away from where we live. At first I wanted to go to Angora Lake, but the gate was closed.  So Paul took me to the base of Jake's Peak.  We started on an unmarked but obvious trail, but it kinda disappeared among the loose gravel and manzanita bushes.  We bushwhacked our way up the hill.  Then as we were heading straight uphill in the loose gravel that was like sand, I literally could not move any further. It was like a cartoon of fast moving legs going nowhere.  After 20 seconds, I said to Paul that I felt like I was on an elliptical machine, legs kept on moving fast at a stationary point and I couldn't stop moving because I'd slip down hill.  It was hilarious.

That was what so fun about today's hike.  We didn't see a single person during our hike.  The weather was gorgeous, more like Autumn than Winter.

After we got back to where we parked, Paul saw an Incense Cedar a little up the hill that he absolutely had to check it out because it could be the largest Incense Cedar he'd ever seen.  Then it was a nice surprise when we walked around to the back side.  It was hollow with burnt out center. 
Paul said when he was a ranger for the Forest Service, people used to ask him if the Incense Cedars are Sequoia. He also had people telling him they saw brown bears. He'd tell them we only have black bears around here, but the people would insist the bears were brown so they couldn't be black bears. 

We also spotted some Sugar Pines.  It used to be the most common trees here in Tahoe Basin until mid 1800's logging boom around Tahoe due to the discovery of Comstock mining at the nearby Virginia City. Sugar Pine was so excessively logged for mine shafts.  It's now not that often one can spot Sugar Pines.