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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Shawl of Tulips

I can feel it! Spring is in the air.
This week I finished a shawl with tulip as my motif inspiration. The motif design took me several tries.  It actually took me longer to design than to knit the shawl.

I had the preliminary idea of a tulip motif sprouting in my head few weeks ago, and I even drew up the rough chart. I got sidetracked with doing other stuff, so I didn't start making the design until last week. Somehow, the funny weather got me really impatient with making modification after modification, swatch after swatch,. There were few days between the first and second take, and coupla days before the third take.  Finally I thought I was happy with the third swatch, and next morning I woke up and decided the shape looked too much like a generic leaf shape.  So it took me 4 swatches to get it right.

But I'm happy to say that the shawl itself took me only 4 days to knit.

The yarn was Malabrigo Superwash Lace with size 5 needles.  I love working with the yarn.  It's not as dainty as true lace weight, which made it easier to work. It's thinner than light fingering, so the result is more airy.  It's unfortunate the entire line of yarn was a limited edition deal with Jimmy Bean's. I wish I had stash up a whole bunch.  It's only 50 grams per skein with 355 yards,yet 1 skein was enough for this shawl, with with about 5-10 yards left.

The crescent shape shawl was knitted from top down, with the fun part of lace at the end.  Even if I don't wear much lace, I sure love knitting them.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Wallets and How To Make Them

So I'm addicted to making the wallets.  I made 2 more for myself, which is very silly, it's not like I really have a lot of money to carry around.

I decided to write down notes, and drew out some diagrams for future use, because I have a suspicious feeling that once I get more magnetic buttons, I'm going to make quite a few more of them.
I did try to stop by the local fabric store to get some more of those buttons, but gusess what, the store is gone!  Just like so many business is this town... one disappearing after another. Now there is no fabric store in this town.

After all the time I put in on the notes, I thought it would be a waste if I just make a few more wallet myself, so I should share it with people on my blog.  Yeepee, my first sewing tutorial/pattern/whateveryoucallit.

So here it is, Folding Wallet.

  • Finished measurements when folded: 3 3/4" wide x 4 3/4" tall.
  • I used cotton fabric for everything, and fusible fleece. 
  • Nice thing about making this is that I can use up the little scrap pieces I've saved.
  • Besides fabric and thread, I used one 1/2" magnetic button. 

Fabric Cutting Guide
Cover, Lining, and Fusible Fleece:  5 1/2" x 8" each

A:  5 1/4" x  8"
B:  5" x 8"
C:  5" x 8"
D:  7 1/4" x 8"
alternately, you can just use a single fabric and cut 8" x 21")
Button Tab
Fabric:  3" x 3 1/2"
Fusible Fleece:  1 1/2" x  3"


*Seam Allowance = 1/4"
I used my serger for most seams except top stitching and straight lines. And of course the serge stitches can be replaced with zigzag stitches.


1. With RS facing each other, serge (or sew) fabric A to fabric B along long edge.

2. With RS facing each other, serge the other long edge of fabric B to one long edge of fabric C.

3. With RS facing each other, serge the other long edge of fabric C to one long edge of fabric D.

4. Fold the piece like an according starting with fabric A edge:
Fold fabric A at 3". Fold at seam. Fold fabric B at 2 1/2" above the folded seam. Fold at seam. Fold fabric C at 2 1/2 above the folded seam. Fold at seam. Fold fabric D at 2 1/5" above folded seam.  Match the other edge of fabric D with bottom of fabric A. (Alternately, you can make it easier on yourself and just take a credit card and fold the fabric by placing it between folds.  This works well especially if you only use one long strip of 8"x 21" of one piece of fabric.)

5. Stitch a straight line along the center of pockets.

Cover and Lining

6.  Iron fleece to Lining.

7.  Serge along top long edge of the Lining/Fleece.
     Also, serge along the top edge of Cover.

8.  Sandwich the Cover, Pockets, and Lining/Fleece as such: Place at the bottom the Lining/Fleece (RS facing up.)  Then place the Pockets on top of Lining (RS facing up, and mach the bottom long edge to Lining.)  Then place the cover on top of Pockets (WS facing up.)

9.  Serge along the 2 short sides and the bottom long edge, leave the top edge open.

10.  Pull the wallet right side out, so the RS of cover is facing up.  Press.

11.  Secure the magnetic button onto the RS of Cover at about 2 1/2" from bottom edge, and 1" from side edge on the right.  Make sure only secure button through the Cover and Lining/Fleece, but NOT the pockets.

12.  Fold the top edges of Cover and Lining/Fleece about 1/2" inward. Press.

13.  With Cover racing up, top stitch 1/8" along the 4 edges of wallet.

Button Tab

14.  Serge along one short edge of Tab.

15. With RS facing each other fold the Tab in half lengthwise.

16.  Iron the Tab Fleece onto one half of the tab, matching at the non-serged short edge.

17.  Secure the other half of magnetic button onto the RS of Tab at the side with fleece ironed on.  Button placement is about 1" from the short edge and 7/8" from bottom long edge.

18.  With RS facing each other, serge the tab on all 2 edges (the long edge, and the short non-serged edge._

19.  Pull the Tab right side out. Press.

20.  Fold the open edges about 1/2" inward. press.

21. Top stitch along all 4 edges at 1/8" from edges.

22. Sew the tab onto wallet along the top stitching line at the left side of wallet.

23.  Press.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Afternoon of Sewing

After making my sister an iPad case as I'd promised. I decided while I had my serger and machine out, I'd make a wallet. Then I made another.

They're nothing extraordinary, just some very quick instant gratifications. A fun afternoon of quick sewing.  I think I'll send them to my niece.