Sunday, June 25, 2017

New Pattern - Impulsive

2017 has been a mess and I haven't publish a pattern in a quite a while.
Finally, here is one pattern ready to show - Impulsive.  The knitting and pattern was done coupla months ago.  However, finding an available editor took a while.

It's a triangular shawl knitted from top down with lace border.
The yarn used was Cloudborn Superwash Merino Sock Twist Yarn.  This shawl comes in 2 sizes and can be knitted in single color, two colors, or multiple colors.  The design has graduated section of stockinette stitch separated by eyelet insert, and edging with lace border.

It's about time for me to have completed something I'm happy with.

Thank You Mom

It's my first birthday since my mom passed away 2 weeks ago.
We didn't always have a emotionally close relationship.  But I'm missing her.

Thank you mom for bringing me to this world.

Thank you mom for showing us that a woman does not have to fit into a mold.  Thank you for being who you were and made us believe from day one that woman are equal to and just as capable as men. Because of you being who you were, we never have to come to that realization, it has alawys been a belief as natural as air.