Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remembering Cody

It has been 5 months since Cody is gone. My heart still aches when I think of him, everyday.

I'm making a sweater in memory of him. In this early Autumn, I miss him so terribly. I wish I can take him for another walk...

The sweater is knitted in round and seamless with dog design along the yoke. I made a design of Cody and using blue color yarn. I ordered some Elann Highland Wool for it. But after two days of work I realized it was too big, and I also wanted a total next to skin soft yarn instead. I have these Malabrigo Worsted in my stash that I bought a year ago. The color is so lovely, it's Red Java. It's almost as soft as Cody's hair.

I CO 164 sts and did decreases (1 st at each side for front and the same for back so total 4 sts each round) at every 5 rows 5x and worked 12 rows even and inc every 5 rows 4X.

So far so good.

I cried today thinking of Cody. Life is not the same without him. But I never want to let the memory fade. Remembering Cody reminds me that there are souls that pure, that lovely, like his.

The swatch is done in Elann Peruvian Highland Wool,
but the sweater is Malabrigo.

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  1. What a sad but sweet post.

    I found your blog through Ravelry (I'm MelindaKnits there--I post in the Ivory Tower group). I just wanted to say Cody is so adorable in those pictures and I am so sorry that he's gone. It is really heartbreaking to lose a pet.

    I love your swatch with a picture of him on it. It's a lovely tribute.