Sunday, October 18, 2009


This morning I saw the reflection of Chinese Laterns in a pot of water sitting in the sink. I love that orange against the saturated blue sky when colors get intensified in the water reflection.

I'm on a color work kick lately. Here are coupla little things I just finished. They were quick knits, diversion from the bigger projects.

The hat was done with Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi Yarn. The pattern was clever using 2 balls of the same color changing yarn to create a faux Fair Isle.

The mittens were my own design. One day while knitting an idea popped into my head of a pair of mittens with images from Cervate's book Don Quixote.

If I were to remake it, I make use #2 needles instead of #1, and less pattern around the motifs. That way the motifs will be bigger. Yarn was Elann Sock It to Me 4 ply I had in my stash.

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