Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paul's Igloo

Paul built an igloo this week in the woods behind our house.  It took him 3 days, and he just finished it yesterday when I stopped by to see the progress. This afternoon we walked over and hung out there for a while.  You had to crawl in through the door, but inside was just tall enough for me to stand up (I'm 5'4").  There was a built-in platform bed big enough for two people, possibly more, plus extra platform seating area.  Pretty cool.  This was the second one he'd built.  The first one was two years ago.  It was really cool to go in at night with a candle.

I remember when we first met in college he took me to the tree house he built in the redwoods on campus, except, I couldn't get up there because it was at least 3 stories high above the ground  and he didn't have a rope ladder with him. I just sat there watching him climb up the tree. He told me that was the reason he picked the college so he could build a tree house.  That was nearly 20 years ago (gasp, time sure flies.)

Paul crawling out of the igloo.

With a sleeping pad, it would be a roomy and comfortable bed.

Then we went for a walk...

That's Heavenly the ski resort mountain up there.

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