Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh well

This didn't turn out as I'd hoped.... Oh well.

Yarn was Elann Lustrado - fingering weight.  Most of the body was knitted in #2 needles, excpet for the bottom 8". 

I was thinking of adding beads to the crocheted circles and make it the top edging of a dress.  Other than that, there was no planning, and problems followed.

I'm not thrilled with the fit at all.  But then again I gained quite a few pounds this winter, so blaming the fit is just a half excuse.

I knitted this from top down using short rows for rounded v neck shaping of the front.   There was no increase just using change of needle sizes aggressively at the bottom for some flare.

It probably would've looked better it it was a bit more fitting through the body.  I'm not sure.... What I'm sure is I better start some workout routine for the summer, I'm at the heaviest I've ever been in my life :(

I'm so not thrilled with how this looks on me that I didn't even bother to sew in the other beads on the 2 adjacent circles as I'd planned. And I just left the back and armhole edge rolled from the St st.

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