Monday, October 3, 2011

Pattern is Up and Alive

Finally, the Intrepid pattern is up and alive at my Ravelry shop.  Here is the pattern page.

I even made the third one to showcase the pattern as a non-dress, using winter yarn. 

 Yarn: Filtes King Australian Merino
Needles: US #4

This was done in Filtes King Australian Merino that I purchased from Elann ages ago. 
As you can see, the yarn had two tones, which added depth to the color, but minus the stripy, mottled look. 

I went with a pullover that ended 16.5" from the underarm with 3/4 style sleeves.  With this yarn, I did use needles one size larger, US #4, hence the slightly different gauge from the pattern (22 sts per 4" rather than 23 sts, also 28 rows rather than 32 rows.)  The sweater is just tiny bit looser, but not too much.  Difference in row gauge didn't affect the overall design, it only added about 3/4" to the armhole depth.  I did changed the decrease and increase of wasit shaping by one row less per repeat.

I love this new version.  It is very wearable.  I'd worn the first version dress few time this summer and loved the feel and the look of it,  but I see myself wearing this one even more often because it's a non-dress.  phew, what a relief and satisfaction after the not so ideal choice of yarn of the second version. 

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