Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not So Instant Gratifications

They're supposed to be quick knits, but who knew it would take me 3 years to finish them.
Total hours of working on them was not much, but I just couldn't understand why I kept putting the project aside. The last time I put it away was when I ran out of yarn and had to order another ball of dark denim.  But as soon as the yarn arrived few days later, it went straight into stash bin.

Elann Peruvian Highland was perfect yarn for felting.  I ended up using 2 balls of light blue (Starlight), 3 balls of dark blue (Dark Indigo Heather), and 1 all of orange (Harvest Heather). Yarns were held double as per instruction of the pattern. And the pattern was from Fiber Trend, designed by Bev Galeskas. I made size medium, and probably I should've done size small for better fit and skipped the foundation row.

They are comfy and fun, perfect for wearing around the house.  I'm gonna make more, espeically now that I'm in a total knitting slacking mode.  I really haven't done any other knitting in the past week besides putting the 2 hours to finish these clogs.

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