Monday, February 20, 2012

Instant Gratifications

I decided to make some quick and easy knits. Since accesorries is what I wear the most rather than sweaters, I figured I'd indulge myself in some instant gratifications.

First, a very simple shawl using yarn I'd dyed and spun. I used St st for the main part, and a very simple border that was [k2tog (or ssk on the mirrored side), yo,]  for one row, and k next row. repeated the 2 rows 'till had only about 50 yards left, then few rows of garter sts.

Then a quick one-day cowl from my own dyed and spun BFL with extremely simple design.

Super Simple Cowl:
CO 148 sts
k 1 rd
p 1 rd
rep last 2 rds 1x.
*k2tog, yo, rep from * to end.
k 8 rds. 
rep last 9 rds 2x.
k 6 rds.
p 1 rd.
k 1 rd.
BO purl-wise.

Then a hat that I'd been wanting to make for a while - Cable Hat by Deborah Newton.
I used 2 balls of Lion Brand Vanna's Choice.  This was a very fun hat.  I think I'll make another one very soon. I'm actually calling it "Linsanity Hat" since I made the cable band while watching Knick's game. I too am getting caught up in this Linsianity. 

I'm have a lot of fun making these quick projects and this trend may just continue for a while.

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  1. Those are all very lovely! Your handspun is gorgeous. I'm on an accessories kick, too. A nice break from interminable sweaters.