Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Color that Made My Heart Skip a Beat

Guess who the lucky girl is today? Me, Me, Meeeee!
I received this yarn in the mail today.  It's from new shop, "Doodles in String" with Etsy.
The color is called Sweetness, it's 80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon , Fingering Weight, 435 yards/100grams.

I'm not easily attracted to blue due to years and years of wearing blue school uniforms.  This yarn had convinced me that blue is an amazing color.  It has slightly more green in it than my camera could capture.  And it has some very subtle spots of yellow. 

When I opened up the package, my heart skipped a beat. I expected some beautiful yarn, but this feels so special. It's now my new favorite color.  It reminds me of sea glass.  It also has the perfect shade.  It's the blue I didn't know that I'd been waiting for it for a long time....  

Now I'm completely torn between trying to come up with something worthy of it and saving it so I can pet its super softness.

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