Friday, September 21, 2012

Firefighting In Action

There is a forest fire very close to our house.  Helicopters have been flying over our house non-stop for nearly 2 hours now (sometimes directly over the house,) scooping water from the lake.  I believe there are at least 4 of them flying, perhaps more. It looks like it's probably less than 2 miles away from our house, judging from the report of local paper I read. It is probably very close if not on my jogging route that I was just on this morning.

Good thing the firefighters/forest service seem to be on top of it.  After the big fire few years ago that burned down hundred of homes here in Tahoe, we're all very jittery when we see fire. Of course, I always see cigarette butts on the trails behind our house...

Here are some shots I took from my balcony.  Hoping there will be no evacuation notice.

The TV news is also reporting a bigger fire down in the Carson valley....


  1. I completely understand your feelings. Here at San Diego we are in a fire season too. Over the years we had some very bad fires. My family had to evacuate once and it was very scary.
    It is very sad, that some people have no consideration for others and are not thinking of what might happen when they leave cigarette butts in the forest area or just trough them out of their car window.
    I am wishing you and your neighbors all the best Connie.

  2. I truly hope that the fire will be put out before it endanger you or your home!