Monday, February 10, 2014

Surely, It's Golden

Our very own local Jamie Anderson won the gold medal at Olympics Women Snowboard Slopestyle!!.  A boarder from South Lake Tahoe!!

It was absolutely amazing watching her stomped down an incredible run. Congratulations! I don't know her, but if I do, I'd love knit her the slopestyle sweater :)  Funny, how the men's gold medalist's name is Sage (another absolutely jaw-dropping, incredible run to watch,) and I actually also have a pattern called Sage Blouse.  It's a free pattern, otherwise I'd add it to the donation drive list.

To celebrate our local girl's amazing achievement, on Feb 23, closing ceremony day, the donation of pattern sales of Slopestyle and First Snow will again go to Int'l Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commision. In the meantime, I'd like to add another donation, between Feb 10, and Feb 22, all sales of these 2 patterns will go to our local organization Bear League.

Bears are a problem, well, I should rephrase that and say human is a problem, here at Tahoe.  Every year we're encroaching more and more onto wildlife space by growing developments.  Bears get killed when they become comfortable around humans.  When people don't take care of their trash properly it creates a situation where bears become dependent. People then eliminate that danger by killing bears who get caught. As if that is not upsetting enough, Nevada legalized bear hunting 3 season ago.  So I'd like the donation to go locally for animals that cannot voice for themselves.

And today, I also have a new pattern available - Surely.
It's an asymmetrical design of cable pullover, now available via Ravelry.

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