Saturday, August 1, 2015

Just a pair of Socks

Nothing earth shattering to report. It's just a pair of socks I knitted.  Yarn was unraveled from a previous failed socks.  I used Artyarn Ultramerino 4, in color 154.  I have to say I really love this colorway.  I used needles #2, probably should've used #1.  Oh, well.

When I cast it on, I wanted a mindless knitting, so I just CO 60 sts and mostly followed directions in the socks book Sensational Knitted Socks for 54 or 62 sts of working from ankles to toes.  The stitch I picked was Snowdrop Eyelets from the stitch library book Super Stitches Knitting.

Yup, it was mindless of taking a stitch from a stitch book and plug it into the formula of another book. Easy peasy.

I do love knitting socks.  I don't even mind it as much knitting the second socks the way I always feel like second sleeve is such a chore.  Now I'm a happy owner of a new pair of happy socks.

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