Thursday, December 17, 2015


A quick update and a big thank you for all your help on the donation.

So far 139 patterns of Christmas Trees sold.  That makes it $556, an even bigger success than last year's donation drive. You guys are super amazing.

I called the shelter (El Dorado County Animal Services) where I got Ritchie and inquired about donation.  They told me they have a wish list on Amazon.  So I  spent $55 and picked up a few things from their wishlist. Also I wrote a check of $100 to the shelter.  I've decided to start with the county animal service is because adoption rate around our area is very high so they work with Rescue groups of other areas to bring in dogs for adoption. Like Ritchie, who came from a Bay Area rescue group, and he is now a very happy Tahoe dog, loving the snow and the trails in the woods.
Also, made a $100 donation to Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation  located in north shore of Tahoe. $100 to Dog Town Rescue located in Carson City, and $100 to Lake Tahoe Humane Society located in South Lake Tahoe.

I will be donating the remaining $101, hopefully plus more in the coming weeks.

A big shout out to all of you who helped with the donation.  Thank you!!!

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