Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sewing Messenger Bags

I'd been obsessed with making messenger bags this past week.  Well, I should say I was more obsessed with trying to figure out the best way to do it than the actual bags themselves.

Based on the following must haves for me, I drafted the pattern and made the design.
1.  Not too many compartments. I hate bags with lots of compartments.  I'm too unorganized that I'd spend forever looking into different pockets for things.
2.  But, separate pockets for the 3 things I use the most, phone, keys, and wallet.
3.  Absolutely a zipper at the top that closes up the bag so I can just throw things into the bag.

So I designed a big pocket at the front that can be easily accessed under the top flap. A line is sewn down the middle to divide it into one pocket for keys, one pocket for phone. The bag itself has a zipper at top, and an inner pocket for wallet. Rather than rectangular looking bags, I also decided I wanted more rounded corner ones

The first bag was made with yellow canvas material.  I was happy, but when I was top stitching the zippers I realized another way to streamline the steps.  To prove me theory would work, I made the Chevron bright color one.  Because it took me some thinking during the making process, it didn't go super fast like I thought I would.  I then went on to make the third one with patterned upholstery fabric which came about smoothly with the patterns and steps finalized.  

I love my bags.  My favorite one is probably the zigzag bright colors one because I just love the fabric pattern. I totally did't need these many bags, but I simply couldn't stop making them.


  1. That ziggy zaggy one is so fantastic! I love that fabric! Nice work!

  2. Great fabrics! I especially love the chevron one

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