Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Day

First day of blog.

Summer time ..... Love it. I love the uninterrupted time of making things.

With all the scrap yarn and fabric, I was trying to figure out what to do with them. The thought of making little clothes to display on little dressforms pleased me.

Yesterday I finished my paper-mache dress forms. I'd used florist foams to carve out the forms. (Next time I'll have to find something else to use. This was too powdery and I don't imagine breathing in would be good for me. ) One was pasted with newspaper, one with stamped paper, two with pages from a pot-boiler book I know I'll never read it again. For the paste I mixed Elmer's glue with flour and water.

Making them reminded me of Dad's company of paper-mache Christmas decorations. It brought back a lot of memories of hanging out at his company when I was little in Taiwan.

Also, here is a little something I knitted yesterday. The quickest knitting project, ever.
It was knitted with 26 gauge copper wire.

As for knitting so far this summer, I've been quite productive this summer, if I may say so myself.
Here are some finished projects:

All except 3 (the blue Leaf Yoke Top, green Lace Skirt, and the pale pink all over Lace Tank top) are my original designs.

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  1. LOVE the little dress forms - and i've already waxed lyrical about your designs.
    You are so talented.