Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's done

The Blue Lotus is done! Finally. After all the planning and un-planning, and re-planning, knitting, and frogging, and ....

I settled on a sleevelss with cross-over front. Ok, I have to admit, I was loosing steam on it. But after finished the body and trie it on, I thought the sleeveless look was actually pretty nice. I tried to pictured it long sleeves kimono style with a blue band around the neck opening and sleeves edges like I'd planned, but I don't think that would look as good as the simplicity of its sleeveless stage. Heck, this time I was easily convinced to stop and called it done.

Because nothing else was done to the neck opening or the armhole edge, they roled in. I liked that look, so again, that was easy to decide no more working on this one.

Even though the FO is completely different than what I'd originally wanted (it was more ambitious.) but the minimal look has its own appeal, I think.

What have I learned?
  1. With color work, more swatches and detailed plans are essential.
  2. It helps with any design to have a good idea of how the overall shape of the garment will be (this is the first knitting garment I designed that I wasn't so clear on that, thus more struggles.)
  3. Swatch in the colors and yarn and motif that will be used.
I have yet to master the stranded knitting technique. The tension is not quite as even as I'd like.

For the next big project I still want to design a more complicated all-over motif. We shall see.

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