Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chihuahua Crisis in California

I just saw this news online "California has a Chihuahua Crisis."
Chihuahuas make up 30 percent or more of the dog populations at many California shelters.
According to the article, Hollywood is to blame for the fad of getting a chihuahua.
Well, I think more than that, human's heartlessness is to blame.

I don't understand how can anyone get a dog and then abandon it. I know people are loosing their jobs their homes, and moving to a place where no pets are allowed. But, really, if you have to move to a place where no kids are allowed will you give up your children?

Too often I see people getting a pet as an their accessory or for their children. No, dogs and cats are not toys! They're living creatures that deserve good care and quality life.

I was once at a house where a father was screaming bloody murder when his daughter was bitten by the house owner's dog where they're guest at. I knew the dog, she is just like me or any other person. She did not like to be pushed, or yanked, or slapped. You bet I'll bite too if some kids do that to me. The dog is never actively aggressive towards people but she does not like to be touched too aggressively (perhaps she was abused at one time before she was taken in by the family.) To me she is always gentle because I'm gentle towards her. I can tell she really enjoyed every time I stopped and scratched her belly for a while. Last time I stayed at that house for a week, I'd pet her belly for at least 10 minutes a day. Because she has more of a "cranky old lady" personality she wasn't getting as much affection as her brother. So I gave her extra attention and talked to her and pet her. After two days, her eyes lit up whenever I walked into the room. She may be old and cranky to other people, but she was sweet to me every time I sat down next to her on the floor. She'd treat you just the way you'd treat her. And that's the way I am with people too. Teach your kids before you start blaming everyone else. This same father was also a guest at my house one time. I saw him kicking my dog away when my dog was begging at his feet for food. Albeit it was a gentle kick, it pissed me off tremendously. But since he was a relative so I just picked up Cody and walked to another room. A year later they got themselves a dog because the daughter really wanted one. Sadly, the dog was "causing problems" around the house, so now the dog is banished to the yard, not allowed in the house. It was so apparent to me from the start that they are not dog people yet they still went ahead and got a dog. Why?????

It saddens me to know that people are so casual about taking in and abandoning a dog. It's a life that you're responsible of when you take the dog in or leave behind.


  1. I have to totally agree with you.Tthis kind of thing pisses me off to no end. Some people just don't understand that animals are not toys.Agh!

  2. I agree absolutely totally.