Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day

This morning

I woke up to at least 20" of snow. It all happened in less than 12 hours, and it was still dumping.
"How the heck am I suppose to go to work?" I immediately checked the school website, "college closed today due to snow." I did a happy happy snow dance. One thing I really hate about my job is the commute in winter. Going over the hill (where I live is 6500 ft elevation and where I work is 4000 ft elevation) is no small task on snowy days. I remember one time coming home at night in a total white out condition. I could not even see more than 20 feet in front of me. My neck ached so badly by the time I got home from straining my neck and being so tense for the entire 2 hour drive. It's not gonna be fun tomorrow either since it's below freezing so the road will be icy, but at least it will stop snowing.

Paul carved out a hear on the snow on railing.

Paul and I went for a walk behind the house this afternoon. Boy was it a work out to break trails in 2 and half feet deep snow. For people who never walked in deep snow, just compare it to walking in deep sand. We walked up the hill a little and it was so quiet and peaceful. It really made us miss walking Cody. We used to break trails for him, but any new snow more than 8" was very hard for him and he would just turned around as soon as we got to the trail cause he couldn't move much in snow that deep.

There is nothing like going for a walk in fresh snow. I have been contemplating picking up cross-country skiing. Sometimes I'm just sick of going to ski resorts and seeing all the people on a beautiful day. Sure, I still love the adrenaline of snowboarding downhill as fast I can, and the last two years I did a some backcountry snowboarding. But I really savor those quiet walks in the woods. The walks just always felt so good for my soul.

Walk in the snow. Paul is excited about building more igloos this winter.

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