Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip To The Coast

Only a week before I have to return to work, and this summer I really didn't get a chance to get away, so we decided to drive to the coast for coupla days.

Paul could only get one extra day off, so we were were at the coast for two days only. The drive out there was 7-8 hours each way, but it was so worth it. Walking along the beach and hanging out by the ocean was exactly what I needed. I just felt so much calmer and happier afterward.

Sunday night we drove out to Willit. Early next morning we drove for an hour and got to Mendocino. We were very glad not pushing the last leg in the dark of night because the road was nothing but twists and turns going uphill and downhill the entire way in the dense woods with no streetlight.

When we got to Mendocino, we bought some sandwiches in town and hung out at the beach for the afternoon. We found a semi-private little beach with a cave behind us that drips water. It was simply beautiful. The sun was shining, warm with very light ocean breeze. We couldn't ask for a better day. This was the good life.

Around sunset, we went to dinner at Raven, a vegan restaurant. We got to sit right by the window with an ocean view. The food was really wonderful.

That night we stayed at Fort Bragg. It is only 10 minutes north of Mendocino, a more real town with cheaper motels. While Medocino was nice, but it was too touristic and too quaint for our taste, not to mention out of our budget.

Tuesday morning we drove up north and found a lovely, nearly deserted beach with only a few dog walkers (pictures below) and walked along the beach for a long time before we headed back home.

It was a trip for our souls.

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