Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another One

I guess I've been productive this spring break.  Being broke with no money for any traveling, sigh, and totally stormed in for the entire spring break, it gave me plenty of time to work on the second version of Zen Garden.

Speaking of storm, we got snow, tons and tons of it.  There was 3 feet of snow on our deck before Paul shoveled the deck.  That was all from the last 10 days.

Sadly, I have not done much snowboarding at the resort this season. Not even during spring break when there was so much powder and that I virtually live right next door to the resort (5 minutes of driving, I can walk to the resort if I'm really motivated.)  I'm loosing interest not of snowboarding but of ski resorts.  I'm contemplating if I should get another season pass next season.  I did go with Paul coupla times hiking up the hill behind our house and did a little back country boarding.  It was soooo awesome to have first track and no other people in sight.  Then we went with a friend and his dog for some snowshoeing.  I am really liking backcountry more.  So much so that I am thinking of finding some cross country skis at swaps or thrift stores.  If I win the lottery, I'll get myself a nice split-board for backcountry.

Back to knitting.  I wanted to test my pattern draft of Zen Garden so I decided to knit another one that's one size smaller with different types of yarn and modified design.

I went for a tunic version with slight variation on design and a slight flare (not a lot, just enough so the tunic will be wide enough for the buttock area.)

This time I knitted with Mirasol Qina.  It was lovely both in skein and knitting up albeit somewhat scratchy for my very sensitive skin.  I love the red color, it's a cool red.  Because the drape along with the color and the sheen of the yarn, the feel of the sweater is completely different. Therefore I decided to change buttons too.  I dug through the few buttons I have in my collection (if you can even call it a collection cosider I have only 6 sets of buttons) and found these small roses.  They were a bit too small for the placement so I thought I'd place two in one area.  I think they work.  I'm not sure.... I'll change them later if I change my mind.

This time I knitted one size smaller with zero ease around chest.  When I blocked it, I did stretch it out about 1/2" as I'm not a big fan of very snug sweater.   Much to my surprise, the yarn, which is alpaca/bamboo blend, did not stretch as I'd feared during wet blocking.  It did bleed quite a bit during soaking.  I'll see how much will it stretch out during wear. I'd hoped for the tunic to be a bit longer by about another 1", but I ran out of yarn.  I bought the last ones of this color at Elann, and I wasn't gonna spend double the price somewhere else just to have another 1" or 2". 

I am hoping to finish editing the pattern within the next few days.  The pattern will include both the short and the tunic version.

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