Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This was a quick knit because I promised myself after Secret Garden, I'll do a sweater in larger gauge and with all st st. 

The knitting went smoothly.  The result, on the other hand, was far from ideal.
Things I learned:
1. Think a little more before proceeding especially when it's not just straight construction.
2. If at any stage there appeared to be some problem, just go ahead and rip back.

I was lazy.  With this sweater I really didn't want to spend much mental energy so I didn't take into the consideration when measuring across bias the measurement would be shorter than simply doing stitch count.  I just used the gauge of a regular swatch and stitch count for calculations. By the time I realized that it was not right, I actually wasn't too far down from the underarm (a top-down construction), yet I was still too stubborn and lazy to rip back and add few more rows to make the chest wider.  I was counting on 1. blocking will do magic, and 2, silk blend has more tendency to stretch.  And fortunately I was right.

Although wearable, the initial chest measurement before blocking was significantly smaller than I'd like.  It had negative ease, and it was very fitted through the midsection.  That would look awesome if I have the body for it.  But, alas, I don't.  So the wet blocking saved the tunic.  It stretched out enough to the point of not hugging my body. 

I like the look as a tunic, but I kinda wanted it to be a short dress as well.  When I tried it on, I realized to pull it off as a dress, longer and leaner legs, namely someone else's legs, will be required.  In the end, I think as a dress, it's not a versatile design that would flatter my body type.  But I'm still happy with wearing it as a tunic.  

Colorwise, I really dig the combo.  When I first got the yarn, I didn't know what to do with it.  It looked almost metallic, so I just put them away hoping an idea will come to me one day.   So when I had this design of more modern line in mind, I thought it may work.  The green on it really reminded me of lichen growing on rocks, which I always love looking at the color contrast when I go for walks in the the woods.

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  1. This is stunning! I just love the color combination.