Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Wish My Headaches Will Go Away

I've been having headaches for 2 weeks now.  It comes and goes.  I took Ibuprofen for it and that seems to work but it still comes back hours later or next day when the drug wore off.

It started the Monday the week before when I was at work.  Finally I went into urgent care yesterday just to get it checked up.  The nurse practitioner gave me some nose spray and advised me to take allergy medicine to see if allergy is the cause.  Due to the $5000 annual deductible, she and I both agree it's best to try to see if it's allergy first before I do  things like CT scan to check for sinus infection or other stuff.  She thinks it could be combination of allergies and stress.  Because I have no other symptoms besides headaches and plugged up nose (oh, and somewhat deformed eustasian tubes of my ears since last year) that it's less likely to be migraine headache. But, I have never had allergies before. Many people told me people develop more allergies as they get older.  I think I could be allergic to my job.

This is just going on for too long.  The hypochondriac part of me cannot help but kick in every now and then... what if I have brain tumor???   The nurse said, well, we don't rule out any possibilities but let's see if it's allergies first or tension headache. 

I have to say the nurse was wonderful (so was the doctor there at the same clinic whom I'd seen before.)  She was not rushed, she took her time to listen.  And in the end she told me to call her with any concerns since I have the $5000 deductible so she'll try to answer questions over the phone without me having to go in again.  

Because of the headache, I have not been knitting much, just sitting around feeling crappy, and naps on my days off.  And of course, like usual, I always wake up from naps with headaches.  Yikes.  I don't deal well with aches and pains.  I'm such a wimp that my tolerance for them is so little.  I did go for a long walk yesterday with Paul.  That was nice.  But this morning I woke up again with a little headache and stiff neck. 

I just have one wish - my headaches will go away soon.


  1. A new pillow helped me immensely. and it lessened my snoring too (according to husband)

  2. I am someone who rarely takes medication unless the pain is awful.
    Excedrin is the only thing that works for me within 15 min. Plus, there is caffeine in it which brings me Up. I get migraines and left eye pain usually at least once a month or more.
    All other pain relief,even prescribed, never worked. I was so happy when I found the Excedrin.

    I also have allergies to mostly cat dander and mites and have had shots for these and other allergens since 1997. Shots worked for many allergens, but the cat and mite is just hanging on the most. Don't seem to get headaches from allergies though.

    Hope you are well soon.

  3. I hope you feel better Connie :-))

  4. Around this time of year I always get headaches that aren't solved by paracetamol (or its US equivalent) or ibuprofen. Then I remember that it's the way in which my hayfever kicks in. I find an antihistamine tablet works wonders.

  5. Could the headaches be due to wisdom teeth? That used to happen to me until they impacted and came out. It was the biggest relief ever!

  6. I just happened upon your post while reading about your Foggy Evening hoodie (which by the way is really pretty). I recently got bad headaches that made me worry about a tumor, until a relative suggested TMJ (jaw disorder). Checked with a specialist and he told me my jaw was slightly out of alignment and probably after all these years, it started the TMJ. Also, stress can aggravate your jaw muscles without your realizing it. Your dentist could probably check for you. This was something that I never would have thought of. Special exercises, ibuprofen and caffeine is what he recommended - good luck!