Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wintry Night

I actually finished this sweater nearly 2 weeks ago.  I just didn't get around to post it since I was really bothered by the headaches.  Fortunately either the Claritin or the Neti Pot is working to hold back the headaches.

 Yarn: Mirasol Qina, color Steel
Needles: US #6

I liked  Mirasol Qina so much that I ordered more from Elann to make this sweater.  When I bought the yarn I had no design ideas to go with it, I just wanted a silvery gray sweater of Qina.   I knew I wanted a somewhat simplistic sweater, but perhaps not all st sts.  While I was swatching I did some cables and liked the way it looked so I decided to go with an double-breast look sweater (but not in the traditional way with buttons in the center. )

The sweater was knitted in one piece from bottom up.  Minimum sewing - only the underarm area.

Originally I was thinking plain sleeves, but ideas kept churning in my mind when I was knitting the body and eventually settled on the longer section of cables at the bottom of each sleeve.


At first there were only 3 buttons sewn on at the upper half.  They just looked off proportionally so I bought larger buttons and went for 6 buttons from top to bottom.

The buttonholes were afterthought of crocheting single crochet along the back of the edge and leaving 3 sts unattached at the buttonhole area.  I liked this way of making buttonholes.  It gave me some room for changing designs.  I was glad I did  this way because even though the 3 button look really was what I had in mind all along, but in the end, it wasn't as appealing as I envisioned. 

All in all, the sweater turned out just as I'd hoped.  I think it's a good marriage of the drape of the yarn with the sheen with this design.  It kinda reminds me of nights in winter with the frosty color and texture, hence the name "Wintry Night."


  1. Lovely knit! It look fab with that red necklace.

  2. Please put the pattern for sale!