Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Yarn Choice

This one really came out disappointing.  Nothing wrong with the pattern or construction, it's the choice of yarn.  First off, being fingering weight, the gauge was off, so it turned out very snug. That was OK though.  My experience with merino was that blocking can amend it quite nicely.  And it did.  Blocking is the magic touch in knitting. I ended up liking the fit quite nicely. But the color was so wrong for me.  It's basically skin tone.  While I was knitting, Paul even asked "what is that color?"  I said, "It's called Trodden."  His reply was, "hmmm..... it looks liked marbled meat."  Thanks for putting that image in my head of wearing a slab of meat.  Pretty gross image for a vegetarian like me.

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light
Needles: US #3

I'll use the yarn again for something else because it is nice to knit with and it does make lovely fabric, but I shall think twice for a sweater, at least think harder about color choice, something with less varigation and more contrast to skin color.

The pattern is being test knitted.  I still have to draw schematic for it.  I'm just not in the most motivated mood knowing the semester begins in 2 weeks.  I'm a bit depressed that I have to return to teaching so soon. 


  1. It's a really pretty shape. Have you thought of over-dying it? I had to laugh because I made a noro silk garden vest for my daughter and one colorway goes from pink to purple and stops along the way at a brownish pink. She said, "Use all the other colors as much as you want. If you have to remove anything, take out this raw beef color."

  2. oh!! definitely overdye it. Plum or deep red would surely do the job . . .