Thursday, July 28, 2011


Pattern: Butterfly Dress by Jennie Atkinson, published in Rowan 37
Yarn: S. Charles Luna, color: silver gray. 3 balls (696 yards)
Needles: US #8, #7
Beads: 1 tube of 8/0 in Ceylon Smoke

The Butterfly Dress is done.  I guess the rest of the dress didn't take as long as I'd forecasted.  I didn't realize the section above underarm is very short which also means shorter time.

The aggressive decreasing did turn out slightly wonky, BUT, good thing blocking can save so many such problems.  I blocked the dress by laying it out flat and pin to A-line shaped skirt and stretched the length a little, then spritzed with water  and let it dry overnight.  The fluffy mohair yarn is so light, it probably dried in no time.

I also made the slip this morning.  I really need to learn more about sewing The slip is a bit tight and the cotton fabric has very little stretch, so I added invisible zipper to the side.  I wish I'd used more stretchy material for the slip, or at least make it roomier around the waist.  Too bad the only fabric store in town is catered more to quilters, and this is the only suitable lining fabric I'd found.. It's wearable so I'm not gonna sweat over it.  I added lace edging to the bottom of the slip since I didn't do the second lace hem.

I'm really liking the result.  I love how subtle the beads are, how light at fluffy the yarn is, it's like cotton candy, and there's the silver metallic thread in the yarn.  Now where am I going to wear it??? I'll probably just prance around my living room in it.

If I to do the dress again,
1. I'll use smaller needles (#7) from the beginning.
2. Do one size smaller (36")
3. Let the bottom edge be at least 1" longer before join.
4. Buy one extra ball of yarn so I don't have to worry all the time about running out.  
5. When cast off picot edge, p3, *CO 3 sts using knit on method, p those 3 and the st CO from together, then BO 3 sts p-wise. rep from *