Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing with Colors

I was at the fabric store in town this week and picked up some Jacquard Acid dye they have on  the shelf.

On Friday, I fired up the stove and dyed some yarn as an experiment.  I'd never dyed with anything other than kool-aid and natural dye.

The result - I've found a new addiction.  It's so much quicker than natural dye when the mordant step is omitted.  The colors are very bright compare to the subtlety of natural dye.  They each have their own place.  I love the look of natural dye and the transformation it can happen when adding mordant like iron to alter colors. But I have to say, the easier and quicker acid dye  is making dyeing yarn an instant gratification.

It was so much fun.  How I love playing with colors.


  1. Beautiful! I just got a package of Landscape Dyes in the mail, so I want to try those soon. It's been way too long since I dyed. It's a lot of fun!

  2. These look great! Such pretty, vibrant colors! I've got a box of bare yarn and dyes that a friend gave to me...can't wait to find the time to try my hand at it! Maybe after the holidays.