Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finally a Sweater

I had an idea of intricate cables for a sweater using some orange yarn I dyed.

I decided to swatch my cable design into a pair of mitten first using the Plucky Knitters SW Merino fingering weight I had in Iced Lavender, but it came out a bit loose for mittens.  So they turned into sleeves, and I made rest of the sweater in heavier yarn for the layering look. The Plucky Knitters SW Merino Worsted in Essie was a perfect combo to it.  It's a very purplish brown.  Paul commented twice on how beautiful the color is.  After 4 skeins for the sweater, I still have 3 left.  I have to figure out how to use it for future project.

Sleeves: yarn - Plucky Knitter SW Merino Fingering Weight, color - Iced Lavender.  
 needles - #2
Body: yarn - Plucky Knitter SW Merino Worsted Weight, color - Essie.  
needles - #5

The sleeves were knitted from cuff up then knitted 2 rounds in main color and put on waste yarn.  I knitted the rest of the sweater from top down in round with simultaneous set-in sleeves.  Contrast color band was picked up sts knitted sideway.Sleeves of the main body and the contrast colory were joined together by k2tog on the join round. together.  So the only sewing part was the buttons.

It certainly was fun to get back into knitting.  Now that semester is over.  I hope I'll have a lot of time for my long neglected studio and some knitting.

I'm so addicted to British TV series on Netflix. The last one I watch while knitting this sweater was Forsyte Saga. I can't wait to watch more TV series with some fun knitting to go with it.


  1. I LOVE the idea of mixing weights and colors in the same sweater. CRISIS of not having sweater quantities of sock yarn AVERTED!
    Netflix streaming has a series called Coupling that I have watched, as well as Hotel Babylon (both British) that I enjoyed. Happy Knitting!

  2. Another great sweater! I really like how you did the sleeves...different colors and different weights...automatic layering built right into the sweater. Also love the collar detail!

    We really enjoy BBC productions...I'd recommend Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren and then MI-5 (The latter one is on instant but not sure about the former one).

    Congrats on being done your semester!