Monday, March 19, 2012

Colors and Circles

I had this idea of shawls in my head for a while and it's taking up space.  So I thought I might as well make it and see if it looks as silly as I have expected.  Well, it's sillier.

The idea was making colored circles of leftover yarn without using intersia.  It was done with short rows.

I made one in 3 days - the thinner and darker one.  It came out much thinner and smaller than I'd hoped.  So I made another one using lighter grey.  Both were dyed with logwood grey, which may fade over time.  No biggie.

I'm still ambivalent as to how much I like them.  I like them as ideas, but they kinda look like scarfs for a clown, as oppose to simple, fun, shawls as I'd wished them to be.

But at least that space in my head is now emptied out waiting for new tenant.

The one on the left I used needles US #5, and US #4 for the second one.   
Both were worked from the bottom edge up because I just couldn't wait to work the circles.

Spring break is here! My students have no idea that I'd been looking forward to it more than any of them.


  1. This is so adorable Connie :)) The shawl is just joyful and cheerful :)) I think it is very original idea. If you afraid the color circles are too bright, they can be done in more muted colors :)) I love this shawl the way it is. I think it is great for spring :))

  2. This is so beautiful! Really, really love it!