Friday, March 23, 2012

New Yarn Love

from left to right: Lark in Bird's Egg, Chickadee in Honey, Chickadee in Petal, and Finch in Chanterelle

I splurged.

After staring at the screen again and again for weeks, I finally bought some yarn from Quince and Co.
The package arrived today.  LOVE!

For a while I'd come to the realization that with sweaters, I generally preferred solid color over hand-dyed yarn (though not always, but I found myself feeling more disappointed when tones were too varigated in a sweater.)  I was also drawn towards slightly muted colors over highly saturated palette.  The yarns that came in the package answered all my wants and needs.

I even bought a color card. Based on the colors I saw on its website, I had a feeling I'd want more in the future.

This time I did not order sweater quantity for any of the colors. However, I can easily see myself wanting a sweater in each color! Not to mention all the fun colorwork I can do with the range of colors.  I'm already dreaming a dress in Sparrow (linen) that according to the company website, a new shipment is due any time now.

These yarns are soft but not like cashmere/merino soft.  I suspect they will pill less and add a bit more structure to garments if knitted at a good gauge.

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  1. So glad someone else shares my love of solid color sweaters! Like you, I think the hand-dyed yarns are lovely, but can give me results that aren't quite what I had in mind. Love quince, and look forward to your projects with it :)