Thursday, July 12, 2012


Paul came home from work yesterday and told me the flowers are in full bloom near Carson Pass.  

With the weather forecast in the 90s and predictably tons of wildflower hikers, I got up early, and did my usual wake up ritual of checking emails, reading news, etc while drinking my coffee. Then quickly packed up a snack and water, I left the house around 7 and got to the parking lot at Carson Pass around 7:40 for my returning hike to Winnemucca Lake.

I was very pleased to see only 4 other cars at the lot. It was a perfect day and perfect time to start the hike. The uphill section was mostly in shade during the early hours, and once I got to the open there was constant light breeze to cool down. A very easy yet rewarding hike.

Wildflowers were everywhere along the trail.  And the most abundant was 1/4 mile before Winnemucca Lake.  Because of getting there early I had it all to myself.  It was completely intoxicating.  

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