Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Pattern

Yay, I got one thing done this summer! "Just One of Those Things" is now up and alive.  
I never thought I could do a lace design good enough for a real shawl, and here it is, my very first one. 

Now I have few more things I need to get done this summer. One of which is finishing up some paintings for the group show I'll be part of in less than a month. One drawing that may go into the show is actually a large ink/chalk drawing with this shawl as a starting point. I'm pretty excited about the body of work in my studio, using lace as starting point, and the paintings are fairly abstract. To be honest, the paintings were the real reason that I felt the need to make my own lace motifs. It's just a nice addition that I can publish patterns with the designs. 

Another on my to do list is to sew up coupla skirts I've already bought the fabric for. Not sure if I should get patterns or I should just wing it.  I am not that good with sewing, but I figure how hard is it to figure out the dimension of skirts?...knowing how I don't like to think things through first, the results can be pretty hilarious sometimes... so we shall see.