Saturday, June 1, 2013

June First

It's June! and I have a sweater to share.
I designed the motif with a shawl in mind, but after knitting the motif 3 times for improvements, I decided I wanted to make a cardigan with it.  So I made the 4th swatch.

The yarn was Malabrigo Dos in color Plata, so soft and wonderful to work with. I definitely want more sweaters using this yarn.

I love the cardigan.  It's simple but with delicate details.  Paul was unimpressed with this one though.  He said, "it's good."  that means it's nothing special, "but somehow it just doesn't look like handmade....probably because it's grey, a very generic color..."

It's nice to hear how much he prefers the look of handmade sweater.  One thing he got wrong - grey is not a color, according to color theory. Neither is black nor white, they're not even on the color wheel.

But I do love grey yarns, and grey sweaters.

Who knows, maybe I'll make another one in a real color for a more handmade look.


  1. Your none color ;) cardigan is just beautyfull..

    1. Will this pattern be available for buying some day? I LOVE it!

    2. The pattern is being test knitted. I'm expecting to publish it either middle or end of October depending on my tech editor's schedule :)