Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking Another Chance On Love

Yay! a new pattern is up.  It always makes me a bit giddy when a pattern is up and running.

Taking A Chance On Love is now available, much thanks to Chris, aka Doodle for her help with testing, and to Judy, aka judyka for tech editing.

The original one was made with Isager Alpaca 2, and for the second one I used some yarn I dyed with acid dye in reddish-orange.  The color is totally bright and gorgeous.

This time I made size large and I did not block it too aggressively.  It's the largest shawl I've ever made, and I rather like it. The shawl was done weeks ago but I never posted it.  So here it is.


  1. Congrats ~ another ethereal and beautiful design!

  2. Amazing pattern. The color of that yarn with that shawl sings!

  3. That edging is amazing! I'm so glad you published this :)

  4. your border looks really great. I hushed immediately to buy one copy and go brainstorming through my stash which yarn to use....*smile*