Thursday, August 29, 2013

Strange Gradient

A new sweater is finished.
I called it Strange Gradient. Strange because Paul commented on the design being "kinda strange."

I dyed all the colored yarns, except for the grey, at different times.  They were mostly sport weight yarn, except for one heavy fingering weight, and one light DK. Some were natural dyed, some were acid dyed. Obviously I don't have a good habit of keep records of what I do.

I really wanted to make a gradient sweater for no reasons I can really name, so I got out all my hand-dyed yarns, and was able to assemble the yellow to purple range. Then I dyed the tonal blues specifically for this sweater. I felt kinda ridiculous like I was showing my class about color theory, saturation vs tones. And the thing is I really don't care for color theory. I think it's very important for painters to understand the basics in order to learn how to mix colors and able to see contrasts of all kinds. But I get so bored when I see paintings that screams COLOR THEORY! where colors are used by the book. So I felt a bit silly arranging these yarns.

At first I thought it was a pretty nice design of the sweater overall. After Paul's comment, I looked at it more objectively, and I'm definitely agreeing with him more and more.  I don't think the concept was strange, but somehow the result kind of is. Perhaps the super logical thinking of color theory actually contributes to its strangeness, like I'm wearing swatches or paint chips.

It's A-line in shape, knitted top-down with round yoke. I ended up going with short-sleeves because of amount of yarn I had and because I didn't want it to be too bulky looking.

I kept thinking the motif looks familiar even though I thought I just came up with it myself.  Halfway done with knitting the body I realized it looked a lot like Doodles' design Pods. I've always admire Chris' designs. This time I'd taken her design for inspiration without consciously acknowledging it.

I like the sweater in spite of its strangeness and in spite of the sweater is screaming color theory.    

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  1. What a beautiful sweater. I actually love the unusual colorcombination. I think 'strange' is used to describe things we're not used seeing, but that doesn't make it less beautiful