Wednesday, November 6, 2013


OK, so I'm not doing much knitting lately, but I do have a new pattern.  It's Juno.
Thanks to all the amazing testers, Emma, My Anh, Bao, Donna, Anj, Magda, Sandra, Mona, and Rachela, and of course Judy for tech editing the pattern.

Personally, I do really love this stitch motif.  I honestly love combinations of lace and cable.  

As with things on my needles, I have to confess that I'm loosing steam with Inishmore.  Everyday I'd stop after knitting just one or two rows.  I really would love to start another project.  But I'm afraid if I do, I'll never get back to Inishmore, and it had been soooo long since I promised myself I'd reknit it.  We have next Monday off due to Veteran's Day, so hopefully I can at least make a little more progress on that sweater.

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