Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rock the Lobster

I swear I really was going to finish Inishmore before moving on to the next project.  But apparently the cosmic had other plans for me.  One evening the cord of my only size 5 needles broke off from the needles while I was working on that sweater.  I knew I'd have to wait 'till Monday when I go to work to pick up new needles since there are no shops in town that carries it.  Well, well, well...

I figured it was about time to remake "Undecided." I quickly re-charted the motif to minimize long floats on many rows.  So now there are only 4 or maybe 5 (cannot remember) rows out of 34 rows that have floats on the back for over 6 stitches.  This would help with better tension around the yoke.  

With both the yarn and the needles available in stash, I started the sweater right away.  I was looking forward to it, mostly because I knew the stockinette stitches would allow me to watch more TV and movies while knitting. Even though I was enjoying listening to audio books while knitting Inishmore, but I was really hoping for something that required less effort in concentration.  

This version is also high contrast in tone. I used The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga for the sweater. Blue Lobster and undyed yarn.  

I had fun knitting this top-down, round yoke sweater with steek.  I realized how much I missed knitting my own design I must say. There is certain freedom in not having to read every line so carefully.  

A very exciting knitting related story,  I got to meet Romi, the fabulous knitting designer last week.  We met up for coffee.  She moved to this area over a year ago.  OMG, she is so cool.  We chatted for hours. This was the first time I ever met other designers in real life.  I really love her designs and I'd made coupla of her shawls, Carson and Zephyr Cove, and love them both. We chatted about the area, about our lives here. She is a trained musician, and  plays French Horn, how absolutely amazing is that??  I felt a bit like a fangirl at first, getting all giddy about meeting her. But she is just smart and lovely, so our conversation was really fun that we talked mostly non-knitting things.  I felt so happy to have met her :)  That was the highlight of this month for me. 


  1. Beautiful cardigan! I love that colorwork. And how cool that you got to meet Romi!

  2. I hoped the pattern would be available for my birthday by the end of october. Great deception !
    Now I hope it will be available for Christmas. Even with some imperfections. Please...

  3. That is absolutely stunning. Just beautiful. I looked at your other pieces on Ravelry -- you have a beautiful eye and a real talent.

    Susan (LeBonVoyage)