Monday, June 23, 2014

Couple Hats

First I knitted a hat for myself, and Paul tried to steal it from me.  So I had to make him one too.
The first one, Field of Flowers, I used Elann Baby Cashmere in charcoal for main color, and 2 Elann Tremelo in different colors for the dark and medium red, and some leftover yarn for the pink.

Smoke hat was for Paul.  Again, I used Elann Baby Cashmere for the background, dark blue was from leftover yarn I dyed for another project long time ago, the medium blue was Elann Baby Cashmere, and the yellow was dyed leftover yellow.

Paul liked his hat enough to agree to pose for one photo.


  1. I love these hats! If I were Paul, I would have stolen the first one as well, but would have been very happy to receive the second.

  2. Love the bright colours on your hat!