Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Wish I Speak Italian

I don't speak Italian, but I can pretend now that I'd added an Italian version to my pattern Rock the Lobster.
It was translated by Claudia, aka Cinnamonroll on Ravelry.

Few weeks ago I got a message from Claudia about translating the pattern. I was so flattered but I was not able to afford to properly compensating any translator. She so generously offered the translation in exchange for a pattern of Surely. How could I say no to such a great opportunity?

I always wish I can speak Italian. It's the language of love. For me, it's the love of art, love of food. I had the most amazing eating experience in Italy, specifically Rome, of all places I'd traveled. I dream of returning to Italy and order things from Italian menu.

Now thanks to Claudia, I can boast that I have an Italian pattern! I feel like I can have someone read the pattern to me in Italian and it will sound so much more exciting and fabulous than  knit 8 sts, then slip marker... in English.

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