Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nevada Woods

Another one that I didn't get a chance to show you when it was done.  Actually two things. They were simple hats with cables and eyelets.

Back when the semester just started in early September, I really, really wanted some instant gratifications. Plunged into the exhausting schedule, all I ever wanted to do was vege out in front of TV on my spare time.  So I knitted these hats, one in sport weight yarn, and one in worsted weight. The cable patterns were very simple and I added eyelet for a little variety.  How I love knitting cables. There is always something so magical at the row that I get to knit cables.

After sitting around for 2 months, I finally dusted off the pattern and sent it out to get tech edited. And here is the new pattern for a quick knit.

It is called Nevada Woods.  It's a place at Heavenly Ski Resort. One of my favorite off trail, tree boarding area.


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