Saturday, November 1, 2014

Second Chance

A new shawl pattern is up.
It's called Second Chance, available via my Ravelry shop.

I'd been fairly swamped with work and life to blog about this finished project when it was done over a month ago. I didn't really mean for it to be a secret.

The test knit was done by the most wonderful wonderful Vaida, Virginia, and Tatjana. I'm blowing air kisses to the girls :)

The design used both cable and lace for this crescent shaped shawl, my favorite combo. It was worked top-down with cables/lace only worked on RS of knitting.

It's named Second Chance because few things in my life right now feels like blessed with second chances. My job situation is getting so much better this year.  I was so ready to walk away, but few personnel changes had made it much more normal that it felt like a second chance was given. That and a few other little things that I won't bore you with.

The yarn was Sunshine Yarns Ultraluxe Light in the color Zephyr.  It's such a luxurious yarn.  I initially knitted another shawl with this yarn, but alas I had to rip it so reluctantly because of yarn choice didn't work out.  I swear it was so beautiful in this yarn, and it was sad for me to rip it.  So I'm just ecstatic that it has a nice second chance.  Perhaps this shawl worked out even better than the first one.


  1. Beautiful shawl! I love your designs. Yesterday I cast on for my second 'Take a Chance' shawl. I'm tempted to frog it and start this! If you ever need another test knitter I would be honoured to help!

  2. Bought this pattern today after falling completely in love with it! Thanks for designing it!

  3. It's a beautiful shawl and I love it. Thanks for your wonderful patterns.