Monday, June 8, 2015

Linen in Early June

After the linen dresses and skirt, I'd continued with my obsession with linen.
To use up the remnant of linen fabric I had, I made few bags, with zippers to zip close.
I love totes, but I don't use them much because I like my bags with total closure.  So I made myself coupla linen bags with zippers.

I decided to make a little "logo" that says yellowcosmo using bleach pen just for the fun of it.

Then I just wanted another linen shawl.
As I really dig the small butterfly motif on my Butterfly Lace Shawl, I decided I'd modify it a bit and make a linen shawl using the motif.

The border was improvised last minute, quick improvisation.  This shawl is a bit different than my usual shawl design, it has all over motif and rather minimal edging.

The shawl came out more like a shawlette at 50" wide x 22" tall. I only had 2 skeins of Quince & Co Sparrow in color Sans and I didn't want to wait for more to complete a shawl.  I used up every bit of the the 2 skeins with only 2 yards left.  The design can be modified easily into larger shawl. I may just make another larger one using non-linen. With needle #4,  the shawl came out airy enough.

I wasn't sure how shawl would look, but I really just enjoyed making of the shawl so I didn't really care.  And I was very pleased that it turned out rather nicely.