Monday, June 29, 2015

Pomegranate Shawl

Another shawl for the summer.  I actually finished the knitting over a week ago, but I was too lazy to post about it.

So here it is, Pomegranate.

It was the first time using Wollmeise yarn for me. It's 100% Merino Superwash, in color Kurbis, using needle #6.

Wow I loved using this yarn for shawl.  It stretched out effortlessly during blocking process into a lacy fabric. I didn't have to block it too aggressively, it just opened up beautifully with the loose gauge. The shawl turned out to be 70" wide x 12 1/2" tall. perfect.

Though the yarn may not be squishy as some other merino, but I like it. I'd definitely use it again for a shawl.  And the famously beautiful and saturated dye job of the yarn barely had any dye ran in the soaking process, I was impressed.

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