Sunday, June 19, 2016

Knitting on the Road

So far this summer, I have made 3 trips to Bay Area in a month's time. Twice for my teeth, And this time for Paul's family gathering. And honestly, I don't enjoy driving so much and being away from my home so much.

Every time I go to Bay Area, I simply could not wait to come home.  The traffic of Bay Area totally sucks. After living in the mountains for 14 years, I don't like to be in crowds, whether it's crowds of people or of cars.

The one thing I like to knit when I go down to Bay Area is socks.  I don't know why, maybe they're easy to carry as projects, or easy to work with.  I finished this pair last time I was down in Bay Area.

I used Cascade Heritage yarn with #1 needles.  The stitch pattern was simply taken from the Ilha Formosa Collection.  Easy and I love how bright they are.  I think knitting socks when I'm away from home kind of center and comfort me a little bit.

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