Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer = Dress

I made a dress! I really should say, I copied one.  I copied this one from LL Bean.  One difference was I didn't cut the skirt part on true bias as I didn't have enough yardage to do that.  I also made my neck opening a bit higher,  I never cared for tie belts myself, so that was skipped too.

The fabric was from Mill Ends in Reno at $4.00 a yard and I used 2 1/2 yards.  I think my cost is a little cheaper than LL Bean's version. Haha, it's total cheap fashion here.

It was a quick sewing project. Drafting the pattern was fairly straight forward.  Only 4 pieces of pattern: top front, top back, skirt panels, and sleeves.  The stripes on the skirt on the back didn't match up quite nicely, oh well.

Ever since I learned sewing sleeves to armhole first before sewing side seams, sewing tops and dresses have become much more enjoyable.

I basically live in t-shirts and other knits. So a knit dress is totally up my alley wardrobe for a bit dress up.  I want to make more of these if I can find some fun patterns knit.