Wednesday, May 20, 2015

About Sewing

OK.  I forgot to add to my last post coupla things I've learned and found very helpful with sewing. Like I'd mentioned many times, I'm not a very skillful seamstress, so I thought I'd share with others who are on the same boat as I am, few things I've learned along my way, in case you too find it helpful.

First, a tip I learned from somewhere on Pinterest, when sewing zippers use scotch tape to tape down zippers instead of pinning. It worked like a charm, much faster and easier than pinning.

Second, I've been doing this for a while, and hands down, this is the best way to sew sleeves. I swear by this method instead of the cumbersome method that usually comes with pattern instructions. No more fear for fitting sleeves into the armhole, and I only use one pin for each sleeve, at the shoulder seam:
  1. Join the front and back at shoulders, but NOT at body side seams. Sew, then press open the shoulder seams. 
  2. Pin the tip top of sleeve to the shoulder seam. Sew from top to underarm on the front (or the back), 
  3. Then sew from the top to the underarm of back (or front.)
  4. Join sleeves in round and body in round, starting from the cuff, sew sides of sleeves together to underarm, then continue onto side seam from underarm to hem.  (if you have to, trim off a little so the sleeves and body meet at the same place at underarm.)
Basically keep the clothing flat, and work in flat as much as possible before sewing on the main side seam.


  1. As many knitters, I hate sewing... projects can wait for ever until I finally decide to finish the sewing part ! Many thanks for your tips. Very clear and helpfull drawing.

  2. I haven't thought about scotch tape for zipper, this is great, I'll try on my next one, as it always slip and I end up sewing it twice or three times in order to have it straight :)