Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Pattern & A Pattern Recommendation

Deep gratitude to all the wonderful testers, Bee-Lena, mabuli, stardiver, FemaleDragon, Dragebarn, knitgrl, and chirimoya on Ravelry for their help. All the testing was actually finished quite a while back, but I was too lazy to edit everything and retake some photos, so it just sat there until I saw Chris, aka Doodle sent me a notice of her new pattern yesterday and it reminded me I should get my acts together.

This morning I took a few photos of how it looks wearing it before I set to publish the pattern. I'm such a procrastinator.

The Ripples pattern is now available through Ravelry.


Make sure you check out Doodle's new Contour wristwarmers.  It's also hot off the press. She published it yesterday. I highly recommend it for the coming cooler season. It was such a fun knit. A picture below my test knit. I'm planning on making more of these.

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  1. Your new design is so beautiful! It's the perfect size to accent any outfit ... love it.