Sunday, October 28, 2012


I finished a shawl.  It's called Carson. It's a design by Romi, and it was the first time I'd knitted her design. The designer named it Carson because of Carson Valley. And that's where I work, so I knew I had to cast on immediately.

Halfway through the knitting, I got sidetracked. OK, I confess, doing garter stitches is probably my least favorite knitting.  2/3 of the shawl was garter stitches.  Purely my own problem.

Eventually I got back to the project because it was a really lovely design. Also, the next pattern about to come out of the pre-purchased collection is called Zephyr Cove - where I live. Judging from the preview picture, it's all garter stitches.  Oh my, that will be a real test to my patience.

Main color yarn was Quince & Co. Finch, color chantrelle. The yellow yarn for contrast color was dyed with flowers of Rabbit Rubberbrush, something that grew in abundance in the high desert of Carson Valley and in the meadows of Tahoe Basin.

Rabbit Rubberbrush passed its prime.

It came out to be a beautiful shawl and I l like the rather low contrast, harmonious color combination.

I think the high desert of this area is deeply ingrained in me.  I know so many people, my family especially, wonder why I stay in this area, namely Nevada, after living in major metropolitan like Taipei, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC all my life.  Well, I love the mountains, and I love the high desert.  I love the fact that during my commute I started out with being in the tree area and as I descended into the valley, it stretched out in its expansive beauty in front of my eyes.  I first came here for snowboarding, but I stayed for the mountain and for the high desert.

view of Carson City from my work place


  1. Lovely shawl!! I feel the same way about garter stitch. There's a few patterns I'd love to wear but I have to talk myself into making them because they're garter.

  2. it's very pretty, and the colour is lovely:)