Monday, November 12, 2012

Zephyr Cove - home

I finished the Zephyr Cove Shawl in one week's time.

I cast on immediately after the pattern release, because Zephyr Cove is where I live. Zephyr Cove beach is 3 minutes drive away.

I moved around so much first 30 years of my life that living in this area for 10 years is the most stability I ever had. Until Tahoe, I'd always been a city girl. I had to learn to love living in the woods, and now I cannot imagine living without the trees around me. This place means so much to me.

Elann Baby Cashmere in Parchment was used for the main color, then I added in Crystal Place Mini Mochi in Autumn Rainbow from my stash for the stripes. I was planning on continued the entire contrast color section with Mini Mochi, but I decided against that. I ended up using matching color in Elann Baby Silk, again from stash, for a more unified effect.

I love the shawl. It did come out very long. I probably should've used smaller needles. I didn't bother with checking gauge. I'm fine with wearing it as a scarf wrapping around my neck twice. It's very cozy that way.

It felt soothing knitting the endless garter stitches, and that was a complete surprise to me. I always had strong dislike of garter stitches, until now.

Paul and I went to the beach at Zephyr Cove for some photos. He is getting slightly better at being patient with taking photos.

This morning I actually cast on for a second one. As I was knitting, it became obvious why I was making the second Zephyr Cove, I desperately needed something that feels "home," something that anchors me. I'm in no state of mind to do any designing. I just wanted to relax into a pattern that I'm not responsible for. I just wanted to continue something familiar. Zephyr Cove is it.

After receiving some bad news last week, my mind is rather chaotic and at loss. I always snickered at the mention of knitting being comforting or any of that warm and fuzzy talk. Finally, I know what it means to find that repetitive stitches comforting, and much needed.

How I wish I can just curl up and stay home and not dealing with any responsibilities or anyone. Home is good, home is where I find shelter.  Home means so much to me right now.

The non-complicated stitches of this shawl, the easy way of adding color, and the fact that it's called Zephyr Cove, and that it's from the collection named "Home is Where The Heart Is" really cannot be more right for me now. I'm very thankful for this pattern for comforting me with its easy yet beautiful design, and giving me a way to make it into something personal when I don't have the energy of being creative on my own.


  1. What a beautiful post. I can't even tell you how much it means to me that this was a comforting knit for you while you're going through difficult times. It's beautiful, and so are your pictures.

    I used to be a city girl too. :) And I'm so excited to find out that we live fairly near one another! Take good care and happy knitting. <3

  2. Your shawl is so gorgeous and so are your photos! You're such a fast knitter. I'm so sorry about your news, though. Take care, sweetie.

  3. Most people don't realize what a comfort knitting is till it is "needed". Take comfort and continue to create beautiful treasures.
    Your Zephyr Cove Shawl is lovely.

  4. The photos, your story and the shawl are all beautiful. I'm sorry that things are not going well right now, and hope they get better soon!