Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Sewing Begins

Summer sewing begins with 2 pair of pants and a top.
Summer means sewing to me.  Because I don't have a sewing room set up, every time I sew I have to haul everything out, so it's seems like a bigger set up.  I tend to do it when I have longer time off from work.
Summer is perfect for that.

I kicked off with 2 pairs of linen pants. I re-drafted the pattern based on my previously drafted pattern. It basically followed the method given in the book "Make Your Own Patterns" by Rene Bergh  I didn't start from scratch. Instead, I traced the originally drafted pattern onto papers, then made modifications before I cut out the pattern.
Modifications I made for the wide leg style summer pants:

  • extra 3" ease around hip.
  • extra room around legs. 
  • extra room for crotch.
  • moved pockets more towards center.
  • added back pockets
  • added elastic insert on front side.
Result = Love

I love the elastic tab. I copied the idea from a pair of snowboard pants I have. The strips of elastic was sewn on to the side seams and encased in the waist band. A buttonhole was made on the inside of waistband to pull the elastic out.  A button was attached an inch away from it. 2 buttonholes are cut on the elastic to adjust sizes.
This elastic tab eliminates the use of belt, and doesn't have the bulk of using elastic all the way around. It also keeps a more sleek look of zippered front vs full elastic.

Both the red and green linen fabric were from stash. I got them long time ago at Joann's on sale.
The first pair used 2 yards of red. I made it capri length.  But I only had 1 1/2 yards in green, so I made the length a lot shorter.  I have to say, they came out exactly as I hoped and the fit was perfect.

I also made the striped t-shirt to go with the pants, which I showed in the previous blog.  The pattern was drafted super quickly since it was kimono style.  I just took the chest measurements, the length I wanted and drafted it from there.
The fabric came from Mills End for $3/yard, I think, I bought it a while back.

Now I'm staring at my fabric stash and dreaming of more sewing.

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  1. Oh my they look comfy! I want some too! Except I don't sew...